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Centura College Offers Scholarships through Imagine America

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014 in Scholarships

Centura College Offers Scholarships through Imagine America

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For many students, the only way to get a fresh start in a new career is to receive help with the tuition and other expenses of a career college education. To make it easier for every student to receive a useful degree, Centura College has long participated in federal grant and loan programs, but now students will have the option of applying for Imagine America scholarships as well. These awards are both need-based and merit-based, and they will allow more people to further their education and improve their future job pool.

According to the Federal Reserve, American consumers currently face more than $150 billion in student loan debt. Climbing interest rates have contributed to this growing economic burden, which affects career college graduates more severely than any other post-secondary demographic. Even the President got involved, signing a memorandum to make federal loan terms more forgiving and affordable. …Read More Here

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