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Business with Web Development

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Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business -
Concentration in Web Development

A degree in business with a concentration in web development prepares students for a career in Internet related industries. This also includes the intranet sector that many corporations employ for use in internal communications and business-to-client or business-to-business services.

With this college program students learn the foundation of running and administering a business and learn information technology concepts related to web development and the processes needed to maintain a website on the Internet or intranet. Students then move on to web development, design and related courses. In addition to the business, IT and web development classes, students will be given fifteen credit hours in general education in the areas of quantitative analysis, written communication, and social science.

With this degree graduates can work anyplace where a presences on the Internet is required or where an intranet is used. Graduates will have a basic understanding of the business and administrative side of running an office that provides Internet or intranet services.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business with a Concentration in Web Development is offered at our Newport News, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake campuses. For more information on this degree, our college or your career, please contact our admissions team today.

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business with a Concentration in Web Development:

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