Business Management

Business Management Program

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a Management Concentration


Course Name Course Type Credit Hours
Organizational Development for Managers Business 3.0
Principles of Macroeconomics Business 3.0
International Business Business 3.0
Marketing Approaches in 21st Century Business 3.0
Law and Ethics Business 3.0
E- Business Business 3.0
Priciples of Microeconomics Business 3.0
Project Management Business 3.0
Financial Management Business 3.0
Quantitative Analysis Business 3.0
Interdisciplinary Capstone Course or Externship Business 3.0
Advanced Computer Applications Information Technology 3.0
Students will take 21 credit hours from the following General Education Courses, assuring at least one course is taken in each of these areas: quantitative analysis, written and oral communication, social sciences, and fine arts. Not all electives are available at all campuses.
Modern Sociological Studies General Education 3.0
Social Psychology General Education 3.0
Speech and Communication Strategies General Education 3.0
Statistics General Education 3.0
Environmental Science General Education 3.0
Historical Movements in Art General Education 3.0
Historical Movements in Classical Music General Education 3.0
Politics, Popular Culture & Public Policy General Education 3.0
Modern Global History General Education 3.0
Advanced Expository Writing General Education 3.0
Regional Geography of the World General Education 3.0
Total 60.0