Business Management

Business Management Program

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business with a Management Concentration


Course Name Course Type Credit Hours
Business Foundations Business 3.0
Principles of Management Business 3.0
Accounting I Business 3.0
Computerized Accounting Business 3.0
Business Law Business 3.0
Sales & Retail Management Business 3.0
Priciples of Marketing Business 3.0
Human Resource Management Business 3.0
Customer Service Business 3.0
Intro to Economics Business 3.0
Intro to International Business Business 3.0
Business Plan Development Business 3.0
Computer Applications Information Technology 3.0
Database Management I Information Technology 3.0
Success in College and the Workplace Career Development 3.0
Students will take 15 credit hours from the following General Education Courses, assuring at least one course is taken in each of these areas: quantitative analysis, written and oral communication, and social sciences. Not all electives are available at all campuses.
Critical Cognition General Education 3.0
English Composition General Education 3.0
Communication Studies General Education 3.0
Mathematics General Education 3.0
Psychology General Education 3.0
Sociology General Education 3.0
Human Factors in Behavior Performance General Education 3.0
Comparative Literature General Education 3.0
Algebra General Education 3.0
Total 60.0