Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy Technicians

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy Technicians play an important role in the health care profession. During the Phlebotomy Technician program, the student will obtain the knowledge that will prepare them for entry into the work force, and to work with a medical interdisciplinary team.
The goal of the Centura College Phlebotomy Technician program is to prepare students to become Certified Phlebotomists with the skills required to perform various collection techniques, avoid pre-analytical processing errors, and ensure specimen integrity and patient safety.

The 270 clock hour program, which includes 80 hours of clinical externship, will prepare students for entry level employment in hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories, blood donor centers, and doctor's offices. Phlebotomists primarily draw blood, which is then used for different kinds of medical laboratory testing. In medical and diagnostic laboratories, patient interaction is often only with the phlebotomist. Because all blood samples look the same, phlebotomists are taught how to identify and label the sample they have drawn and enter it into a database. In order to avoid causing infection or other complications, phlebotomists are taught to keep their work area and instruments clean and sanitary. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be eligible to take the Certification in Phlebotomy, administered by National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

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Phlebotomy Technician

Program Length

10 Weeks (8 academic instructional, 2 clinical externship length)

Campus Options

Centura College, Virginia Beach, VA

Phlebotomy Technician

Career Paths:

Lab Asst; Patient Service Technician PST; Phlebotomist; Phlebotomist Supervisor/Instructor; Phlebotomist, Medical Lab Assistant; Phlebotomy Director; Phlebotomy Program Coordinator; Phlebotomy Supervisor; Registered Phlebotomist-Part Time

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