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Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting careers can open the doors to working alongside doctors and nurses in many health care settings. Some people focus their training on the clinical side of the business, so they can have a more direct hands-on approach with patients. Others focus on the office management side of the business, where management, administration and technological skills allow them to excel. Wherever you decide to focus, completing your medical assisting training can give you the opportunity to work in a doctor’s office, hospital, long-term care facility or other health care facility helping people in your community. Before graduating you take the American Medical Tech (AMT) Exam. Once passed, you earn the RMA Credential and are a Registered Medical Assistant.

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At Centura, we are always striving to make your educational experience more fulfilling. Flex Learning is designed to combine the best of on-campus classes with online learning giving you the flexibility of choose a learning strategy that fits your lifestyle.


  • Shared classroom and labs in hands-on setting.
  • Traditional face-to-face learning model.
  • Structured space and time for learning and instruction.


  • All instruction and learning is done online, regardless of where you live.
  • Self-pacing coursework and personalization.
  • Develop rich interactive communication skills.


  • Build interactive skills along with the support and structure many students need.
  • Reduce commuting time and expense while still having access to on-campus resources.
  • Receive face-to-face motivation while developing personal responsibility.

Centura offers several different training programs for people seeking a career in medical assisting.

Associate of Occupational Science in Medical Assisting with a Clinical Concentration - Flex Training Available

Associate of Occupational Science in Medical Assisting with a Management
Concentration - Flex Training Available

Medical Assistant Diploma - Flex Training Available

Medical Assistant Certificate - Flex Training Available

Career Paths:

How much does a Medical Assistant Make?

As doctors struggle to balance patient care with administrative requirements, the qualified Medical Assistant becomes an essential part of the patient care and healthcare business team. Find out how much these team members are worth in the workforce: