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Class A licensed truck drivers play an important role in the heavy truck transportation industry. Students in the CDL Class A Truck Driving program will obtain the knowledge that will prepare them for entry into the work force, and to work with firms in the transportation and delivery of goods.

The goal of the Centura College CDL Class A Truck Driving program is to prepare students to become Class A licensed with the skills required to drive heavy duty trucks and understand safety and over-the-road driving responsibilities. Student drivers also learn the federal laws and regulations governing interstate truck driving.

The 180 clock hour program will prepare students for entry-level employment in trucking firms operating heavy duty trucks for the transport of goods. Most companies hiring graduates normally require mentor-drivers in the passenger seat. The purpose of this is on the job training is to learn more about the specific type of truck and materials being transported.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will receive a certificate of completion and will have tested for a Class A Truck Driving license with the Department of Transportation in South Carolina.

CDL Class A Truck Driving Certificate

Program Length

6 Weeks

Campus Options

Centura College, Columbia, SC

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