Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

1. What type of visa do I need to study at Centura College?

We enroll students with an F-1 visa.

2. Are there any other kinds of visas that I can use to study at Centura College?

If you are in the United States on a visa other than an F-1 visa, you may still be able to study with us. There are restrictions on each type of visa though. Please submit your contact information using the form on this page and an International Admissions Officer will contact you to discuss this in more detail.

3. What is an F-1 student?

An F-1 student is a nonimmigrant student attending a non-academic trade or vocational school, which has been approved by INS to offer such training..

4. When will I receive my I-20 Form?

Only after all documentation is received and verified by us. We will then send you an official Acceptance Letter to take to the Embassy.

5. What do I need to take to the Embassy?

  • Original Financial Affidavit (with sponsor information matching the bank statements)
  • Original Bank Statement(s) showing sufficient funds for the entire 18 months
  • International Passport
  • Acceptance Letter
  • I-20 Form
  • Documentation proving you have a vested interest in returning to your home country after completing your studies.

6. Is Centura College fully accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC.)

7. What are the requirements to enroll in Centura College?

    International applicants must meet all of the general admissions requirements listed above. In addition, they must meet the following requirements:
    • Applicants whose primary language is not English must provide verification of English language proficiency by meeting one of the following requirements:
      • Minimum TOEFL Paper and Pencil test score of 475
      • Minimum TOEFL iBT score of 55
      • Minimum IELTS score of 5.5
      • Minimum Pearson PTE score of 42
      • Both a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 and a minimum Standard Assessment of Functional English (SAFE) Exam score of 15 out of 20
    • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to meet tuition and other financial obligations or the ability to qualify for financial aid as an eligible non-citizen.
    • Applicants must obtain the proper visa.

    Not all campuses are accepting international students at this time. Please see the campus for details.

    8. What documentation will I need to send the school in order to be accepted?

    • The International Student Application Form
    • The Financial Affidavit. This should indicate you have sufficient funds available to cover the first academic year as well as your living expenses (which includes lodging, meals, transportation, etc.)
    • Current original bank statement(s).
    • TOEFL or IELTS exam results (unless your school transcripts show you passed five or more years of English).
    • A copy of your International Passport.
    • A completed Enrollment agreement which will be given to you by your Admissions Officer

    9. Can I fax or email these documents, or must I send them by postal mail?

    Yes, you can fax or email all your required documents to us. You will need your originals with you when you go to the Embassy and when you arrive at the school.

    10. Are there any fees I have to pay up front?

    Yes, there is a $100 processing fee and a $25 application fee, which must be paid prior to any paperwork being processed. You can pay for this in any of these ways.

    • Give us the credit card information over the phone, by fax or email.
    • Send a money gram, traveler's check, or a personal check drawn on an American bank made payable to Centura College and sent to the address provided by your Admissions Officer.

    11. Are there any scholarships, grants or loans for international students?

    No. We do not offer scholarships or grants for international students. A loan is possible if you have someone in the U.S. who is a citizen, has a "Green Card", or has political asylum. This person must have good credit and be willing to sign a student loan for you.

    12. Does the program include lodging, food and transportation?

    No. You will have to pay for that separately. Again, the cost will vary depending on which location you choose and how you intend to live. Example: with or without a roommate.

    13. Where will I live?

    Centura College does not have dorms for its students. Each student must attain lodging in the area of the campus in which the student plans to attend.

    14. How will I get to school?

    Public transportation (bus) stops at or near the campus. Many of our students share rides with one another from nearby apartments.

    15. Do you offer job placement?

    Yes. We have contacts with hundreds of companies throughout the country, and many of these visit our campus throughout the year to interview students and recent graduates. Our Career Services Department can help you prepare your resume, practice interviewing, and help you make connections with these employers.