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November 2018

Article listing:
  • Councilwoman Ward Visits the Chesapeake Campus
  • Peninsula Graduate Spotlight: Carissa Chalsma
  • Tidewater Tech Graduate Spotlight: Kyle Horton
  • Virginia Beach Campus Host Semi-Annual Career Fair
  • Richmond Campus Donates Supplies to VCU Children’s Hospital
  • ...and more

June 2018

Article listing:

  • Newport News Medical Assisting Students Tour Labs At Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Tidewater Tech Awareness During American Heart Month
  • Virginia Beach Campus' First International Student Shining Bright
  • Columnia Campus Lends Halping Hands To Support Flood Victims
  • First Alumni Event Recap In Newport News
  • ...and more

February 2018

Article listing:

  • Centura Chesapeake honors first Penn Foster Grad
  • Centura Columbia Awarded Recycling Grant
  • Centura Chesapeake Grads Open Own Buisnesses
  • Centura Virginia Beach Project Management Class Enhances Campus Grounds
  • Centura College Virgina Beach Hosts 30 Employer Career Fair
  • ...and more