Month: June 2017

Setting Realistic Goals to Achieve When Studying

Your first few weeks of college can be overwhelming. You have new classes, new teachers, new books and plenty of information you need to cram in your head. Sometimes, you just don’t know how you’ll get it all done. It’s a struggle to set realistic goals when you feel...
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Let’s get Technical: 5 Different Types of Massage Therapy

By Jul DeGeus Myofascial Massage Myofascial massages focus on the fascial system. The fascia is sort of like glue for your body; a head to toe web of tissues that binds your muscles, bones, nerves, veins, etc. together.  Massage therapists first determine the area of the fascia system that...
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Men’s Health Month: Keeping Up with Your Health

The key to staying healthy is to take small, positive, consistent steps. Taking the initiative to start new practices that will improve your overall health is the easy bit. Making these practices habits requires you to be regular and develop a healthy lifestyle. Do this by using the following...
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