Month: October 2017

Continuing Your Education: Upgrading Your Degree

By Esperanza Popquiz When it comes to continuing education, most people are discouraged to do so because of issues like juggling work, family and school or the financial stress of an extra expense. But, a bachelor’s degree may set you apart in a competitive workforce. Here are a couple...
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What is the Difference Between Web Development and Information Technology?

The world of digital technology can be confusing. Many organizations fail to understand the clear distinction between various platforms within the digital technology. Do you need an IT specialist, a web developer, or a website designer? And who does what exactly? Digital service providers have a different set of...
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Centura Showcase: Massage Therapy

The Chesapeake campus of Centura College will be showcasing its massage therapy program for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the health and wellness field. The event will offer interactive demonstrations of a variety of massage techniques. By Brian Stauss Centura College will be showcasing its massage therapy...
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