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Bachelor Degree Program: Hospitality Management

Hospitality is a broad category of the service industry. Hospitality facilities may offer leisure, entertainment, business, and accommodation to local, national- and international visitors including: hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), theme parks and cruise ships, just to name a few. The Role of Hospitality Managers In these establishments,...
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Business Etiquette 101: The Basics of Professionalism

By Jul DeGeus The job search process can be excruciatingly overwhelming. It’s easy to find yourself stressing out over things like creating a flawless resume and preparing the perfect answers to interview questions. But for most job hunters, one career prep subject seems to fly under the radar: business...
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The Book Keeper: Centura Celebrates Librarians

By: Jul DeGeus Nothing makes those long days and nights of studying better than the sight of the reassuring, friendly face of a helpful librarian. Always there to find the book that is hiding on the top shelf or suggest the resource you need, school librarians are an imperative...
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