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Business Etiquette 101: The Basics of Professionalism

By Jul DeGeus The job search process can be excruciatingly overwhelming. It’s easy to find yourself stressing out over things like creating a flawless resume and preparing the perfect answers to interview questions. But for most job hunters, one career prep subject seems to fly under the radar: business...
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Using Your Resources: The Importance of a Human Resources Manager

By Esperanza Poquiz Edited by Jul DeGeus Human Resources (HR) Managers play an important part in creating a work environment for employees. After all, your work atmosphere has a large effect on your performance. An HR Manager ensures that employees are treated fairly and fulfill the requirements of their...
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Think You’re Cut Out for a Business Management Degree? Take This Quiz

The Business Management Degree Quiz Deciding which degree to seek from an accredited college can be a momentous decision. Money, time and energy will be expended while earning credits toward a degree completion program. While many attractive degree choices abound, some possible careers seem to beckon a student more than others because of natural aptitude,...
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