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Information Technology: Keeping Your Information Safe

By Robb Rajnys and Jul DeGeus With great technological advances, comes great technological responsibilities; like protecting your personal information. Thanks to the progress of technology, we are living in an age where you can accomplish almost anything with a swipe of a finger. Track your fitness, manage your bank...
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How Many Colleges Offer Online Courses

How Many Colleges Offer Online Courses? Online college courses and degree programs have seen an explosion in popularity and offerings in recent years that is akin to the Cold War Arms Race in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Changing attitudes from employers, the American population and Higher Education Institutions have...
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Virginia Beach College Offers Online Bachelor of Science Degree

Centura College, Virginia Beach Campus, Announces Online Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Programs! Committed to ensuring our students graduate fully prepared and trained in the field of their choice and to succeed and thrive in today’s workforce, Centura College now offers a 100% Online Bachelor of Science Degree Completion...
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